Srimathi K.M.Soundaryavalli - An exceptional musician and a passionate poet

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Srimathi K.M.Soundaryavalli - An exceptional musician and a passionate poet


The Department of Indian Music
School of Fine & Performing Arts
University of Madras, Chepauk
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600 005


June 2022


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Carnatic music is a unique platform which holds many extraordinary talented composers and singers. It has its roots from the Vedic period and 90% of the musicians at older times who were into the limelight were males. It is not because of the lack of talents in women, but of the very less opportunities provided to the ladies in those periods. Females came very less to the Carnatic field at earlier times as they were always pulled back from being popular. There were no chances open for the Women and no support was given to those who tried to show their talents outside the four walls

  • This article reflects the life of Smt K.M Soundaryavallli, a Carnatic music female composer whose contributions haven’t come to attention

  • The article goes through her childhood, education, personal life, miracle incidents and her life as a poet and composer

  • Some of the major contributions of Smt.K.M.Soundaryavalli has been highlighted

Smt. Soundaryavalli’s contributions to Carnatic music need to be circulated around so as the future generation those who hold Carnatic music to their heart can understand and learn the unique pieces. K.M Soundaryavalli holds around hundreds of padyams and a couple of Carnatic Compositions to her credit, The next generation need to know that there was a period in which females hardly came forward with their gifted talents and many women lost their great chances to be in the limelight. Also, we lost many exclusive contributions penned by such female artists as all of them weren't published nor transferred to the next generation.

Now there are no barriers being a man or a woman as both get equal openings and women are free to choose their interested field and achieve their goal by exposing their talents through many options. Women at present are so lucky in that sense and they should utilize these opportunities to attain the highest level in their perspective.


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